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        產品介紹(Product Profile)



                Suitable for chemical synthesis, eg. rubber, plastics, adhesive, ceramics, PVC, refractory material, desiccant, calcium carbide, soda, bleaching powder, friction wafer and other fine chemicals.


        物理特性(Physical Characteristic)


                Calcium oxide is an inorganic compound, its chemical normally called quick lime. It is grayish white or light yellow powder with moisture absorption feature. It's density is about 3.350g/cm3, and the bulk density is about 1.8g/cm3.


        產品描述(Product Description)

        英文名 : Calcium Oxide / Quick Lime

        產品編號 Product ID : JYQ - 03

        分子式 Chemical Formula : CaO

        分子量 Molecular Weight : 56.077

         CAS No.          : 1305-78-8

         H.S. Code    : 25221000

        化學指標(Chemical Specifications)

        氧化鈣 Calcium oxide CaO 90.0 % ± 1

        二氧化硅 Acid insoluble SiO2 0.50 % max

        碳酸鈣 Calcium carbonate CaCO3 5.00 % max

        氧化鐵 Iron Oxide Fe2O3 0.30 % max

        氧化鋁 Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 0.40 % max

        氧化鎂 Magnesium Oxide MgO 0.90 % max

        高溫失重 Loss on ignition L.O.I 4.20 % max

        白度 Whiteness Appearance 82        min

        細度 D90 Particle size 600 Mesh Screen 20 μm

        儲存注意事項(Storage note)



        Attention to dust inhalation protection, and skin contact protection.


        It can only be stored in a dry, sealed warehouse with no contact with acidic substances and moisture.